Become the Guesstimaster in this fast-thinking game, by Acabo Games. Challenge your mind, use powers of deduction and guesswork to come up with answers for the toughest of questions!

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Invite up to 3 friends, either test your wits against each other or join forces and use your knowledge to make educated guesses on facts about the wider world. Even if you relinquish the lead, you can impact the game in your favor: steal your opponents’ points, make them reveal their answer first or swap places with them!

Three categories of questions (Market, Technology and Mindplay) require varied knowledge and excellent guesstimation skills to obtain mastery. Get your neurons firing and earn the title of the Guesstimaster!

Example questions

– How many people have visited the Eiffel Tower since its construction in 1889?
– How many red blood cells does an adult human have on average?
– How many cups of coffee are consumed in the U.S. every day?

Why become a Guesstimaster?

Guesstimaster is both great fun to play and an excellent intellectual training tool. Play to:

– Become faster at estimating numbers
– Improve your ability to solve problems
– Increase your general knowledge
– Prepare yourself for a case interview at the workplace of your dreams

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