About us

Acabo Games is Sweden’s first board game company which focuses on developing games that satisfy the needs of university students and academics. We produce challenging and entertaining, knowledge-based board games and pedagogic tools. The company was founded in 2010 at Uppsala University, by a group of entrepreneurs and graduate students with a passion for games and learning.

Our games are not only fun on a Friday night, but they also have an educational value. Our pedagogic tools are aimed at young adults to  promote learning, focusing on that learning should be fun.

AcaboGames Founding Team
The founding team (from left): Markus Larsson, Philip Svanfeldt, Lovisa Mörner, Björn Lindh, Anders Hoflund, Martin Lindh, Erik Carlson and Robert Gavelin

Our mission

There is a need for educational tools.

The importance of education is growing globally. However, in a world where there is competition from a wide variety of entertainment, the demand is growing from the new generation, that also learning should be entertaining. We hope that Acabo Games can meet this new demand by offering stimulating, educational tools, presented as games, carddecks and more.

Acabo Games produces learning tools and entertaining knowledge games which strengthen the personal identification:

  • We believe that board games on an advanced level, aimed at people interested in science and technology, are lacking on the market today. With “The Art of Science” we want to fill this gap.  
  • We believe that complex subjects at high school and university need to be complemented with alternative tools that make learning joyful. A knowledge game can function as identification strengthening for the individual – brought out from the bookshelf and produced during social evenings.


Acabo Games
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